Welcome to Mirari Biosciences

Mirari Biosciences is a growing biotechnology company dedicated to improving healthcare by accelerating protein and gene detection and quantitation.

Our patented innovations promise to bring faster, more accurate biomolecular tests to many areas including; basic biomedical research, drug development, clinical diagnostics, biological and chemical warfare agent detection, point-of-care testing, veterinary medicine, agricultural monitoring, and water quality monitoring.

Accelerating Health

Mirari Biosciences, Inc.

We all know "time is money". In healthcare, "time is money and health". Quicker detection of diseases, pathogens, and toxins saves both money and lives. Speedier drug development lowers the cost of medicine and saves lives. Throughout drug development and diagnostic medicine, time is critical:

  • It currently takes an average of 13 years and over a billion dollars for a pharmaceutical company to develop a new drug.
  • In hospitals, emergency rooms, first responder settings, and doctors' offices, illnesses are prolonged and lives are lost because test results take too long to give a result.
  • In the event of a bioterrorist attack, rapid diagnosis would be critical to infection containment.

The Mirari Solution

Mirari (Latin, to look at with wonder) owns three proprietary technologies that we believe will transform the landscape of medicine:

  • Microwave-Accelerated Surface ChemistryTM (MASCTM Technology) uses gentle, low-power microwaves to greatly accelerate molecular testing.
  • Microwave Fluidics is an elegant new method for moving and mixing the liquids involved in disposable biomedical testing cartridges. Disposable cartridges are commonly used in consumer home products, doctorÕs offices, and field uses.
  • Protein Amplification Technology (PeplicaTM Technology) allows replicas of a protein to be created. In essence PeplicaTM is a "protein photocopying" technology, PeplicaTM will become valuable in drug discovery and diagnostics by enabling detection of minute amounts of critical proteins.